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militarygoddess's Journal

Military Domestic Goddess
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military wives, military girlfriends, domestic goddess
What Is A Military Domestic Goddess?
A Military Domestic Goddess can be many things: She can be a proud member of our military who considers herself a domestic goddess. Or, she can simply be married or engaged or dating a member of the military. Either way, she understands the importance of creating a beautiful setting for her friends and family to enjoy. She has creativity, patience, and charm... and uses this not just in her home but in her everyday life as well.She doesn't need to be perfect... but at least enjoys the attempt.

So, if you meet one or all of these qualifications... c'mon in! (Perfectly baked cakes and expensively decorated homes need not be present ;o)
Our Glorious Mods
storyofagrrgirl Landra Lynn. Founding Moderator. Dictator of the community.

#1: Absolutely NO drama. We're here to have fun, not argue or create a mess. Anybody who starts or encourages chaos will have a lifetime ban placed from this group. Capiche?

#2: Remember OPSEC at all times. For the safety of our loved ones, there is zero tolerance on this. Forgot or don't know what OPSEC is? Click here.

#3: This is a closed community. This means all entries need to be protected.

As long as we are all clear on that, there aren't any further concrete rules. Obviously always stay in guidelines for OPSEC and use general common sense.

Topics do not always have to be military or domestic related, but for the most part try to keep them that way.

The Mods always reserve the right to change this list at anytime or remove any members that break the above rules at anytime.

Member Intro Form
Please fill this out after joining and post with the heading Member Introduction.

Your First Name:
Your Significant Other's First Name:
Your Age:
Significant Other's Age:
Status (Married, Dating, Engaged, Etc.):
Military Branch:
Photos (If You Want To Share, Please Do So Under A Cut):
Favorite Domestic Tip or Recipe (If You Want To Share, Please Do So Under A Cut) :

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